Off The Rails Bakery at Glaisdale Station

About my bread

My bread is made in accordance with the Real Bread Campaign’s guidelines – ie the dough is made slowly from flour, water, yeast and salt only, with only natural ingredients added for extra flavour or nutrition. I almost always make genuine sourdough, because of its long shelf-life, but I will happily make yeasted bread on request.

Why avoid the industrial loaf?

Slowly made bread makes for better nutrition, digestibility and flavour, and Real Bread has none of the hidden additives (fats, sugar, enzymes) that are typically added to the industrial loaf but, being claimed as processing aids, are not disclosed on any labelling.

To order

If you’d like to be sure of good bread on a Saturday, I need your order by 7pm Thursday evening please. This is when I start the mixes, so is an absolute deadline! The best way to make sure I find your order is to text it to me on 07419 197742. All my bread freezes well for a few weeks. Happy to discuss orders for a quantity of bread / pizza / croissants for special events, meetings etc.

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